Reiki student testimonials

quoteI have studied Usui Reiki Ryoho at Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden Levels with Grenville. I had never met Grenville before I had a Reiki treatment from him, but he made me very welcome from our first meeting and I have since found him to be an inspirational teacher. He is totally dedicated to this traditional Japanese form of Reiki and his enthusiasm for the whole subject is infectious.

I studied Levels I and II Usui Shiki Ryoho many years previously but Grenville has taken my knowledge and interpretation of Reiki to a new level.

I would not hesitate to recommend Grenville either for a Reiki treatment or to teach any of the 3 Levels and I hope to work with him again in the future.quote


quoteWhether seeking a treatment or training I can think of no one better qualified than Grenville Williams. He walks the healing pathway with a passion and breaths Reiki Energy as I feel sure Usui would have done. He sits comfortably in his place within the universe and oozes unconditional love in his healing and teaching. He guided me through my Masters/Teacher Degree with such emotion that it seems like only yesterday. I am unable to thank Grenville enough for instilling in me the highest standards of Reiki which I now pass on to my own students.quote

Tony King (Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher)

quoteGrenville's warm, kind, gentle personality shines through his healing and teaching work. I was very fortunate in choosing him as my Reiki Master for my Reiki 1 & 2 courses, both proving to be illuminating and rewarding experiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Grenville to anyone seeking to progress along their spiritual path.quote

Joan E. (Reiki Therapist/Practitioner)

quoteGren is a truly dedicated and special Reiki Master. Personally he inspired, motivated and empowered me with his magical and articulate style of life changing Reiki teaching.quote

Anne Powell (Reiki Therapist/Practitioner and Teacher)

quoteThank you for a wonderful 1st Degree experience! I am so glad I made the time to attend. The history of Usui Reiki was explained in an easy to understand way. Also Grenville found out information for me to learn how to do Reiki on animals, especially horses. He also keeps in touch to see how things are going. Thanks again.quote

Mandy O’Neill (Shoden/1st Degree)

quoteI have known Gren for many years now and not only is he a good friend but also my mentor and Sekhem Master, but a good advisor for all things spiritual. His teaching methods are excellent and leave you with a greater understanding than any Master I have met. Whenever I speak to him there is always something else I learn.quote

Julia A (Reiki Master and Sekhem Advanced Level)

quoteWhen you need Gren you will find him. I did all those years ago. I have done all Reiki levels with Gren because he makes you feel at ease and really knows his subject. If you need healing or just time out then Gren can help.quote

Christine A (Reiki Master/Teacher and Sekhem Master/Teacher)

quoteI came across One World Reiki browsing the internet. I had experienced a significantly difficult childhood and then a very abusive relationship. I was always spiritually aware, but didn’t know how to deal with addressing my inner turmoil. I was nervous when I was going to meet Grenville, but I soon realised what a warm, funny, sensitive man he was who made me feel at ease. I completed my Reiki 1 and 2 a few years ago now and I must say I am a changed person. Thank you Grenville and thank you One World Reiki.quote

Leisa Walsh (Reiki Practitioner)

quoteGrenville taught me Reiki over ten years ago. As a Reiki Master, Grenville is the most genuine and knowledgeable person I know. As a healer, Grenville has had exceptional results due to his expertise and his dedication to healing.quote

Dr. John Griffiths P.hD Metaphysician

quoteGrenville, just wanted to thank you for helping me through my Reiki training. Got to say it opened my eyes to self-help, my own life is greatly improved. Once again to someone I now class as a personal friend, thank you.quote

Darren Fox (Shoden/1st Degree Practitioner)

quoteMy Introduction to Reiki was enhanced by my Level 1 (Shoden) attunement by Grenville. He was incredibly informative and the attunement itself left me so spiritually high it was amazing. Whilst sitting on the grass in the garden I suddenly felt a connection I’d never experienced before, I saw nature the colours, the individual blades everything was amazingly enhanced… what an experience.quote

Yvonne Stretch (Usui Okuden Practitioner)

quoteI can thoroughly recommend Grenville as a Teacher of Reiki. He is extremely knowledgeable of his subject and explains the history of Reiki well, the chakras and how the healing energy of Reiki works. I learned how to scan the body (Bjosen Scanning Technique) and now I can feel inbalances through my hands as heat. I found the Western Reiki I course made me feel peaceful and I also learned how to meditate. On leaving at the end of the second day I wanted to “heal the world” and I now use Reiki regularly to help my animals (I have a small holding). Thanks Grenville.quote

Julie Neale (Usui Reiki Practitioner)

quoteGrenville Williams is a great man to work with, with great passion in Reiki and through his experience he has taught me a lot in my first Level of Reiki. Just learning the first Level of Reiki was an overwhelming experience and I will come back in the near future to Grenville to take on the 2nd Degree (Okuden) Level of Reiki.quote

Frederic Baxter (Shoden/1st Degree Practitioner)

quoteLearning with One World Reiki is an inspirational experience. Grenville is a hugely experienced, genuine and caring teacher and over the years he has always been there to aid, advise, nurture and support whenever the circumstances have dictated. I still have so much to learn and I know that wherever my journey takes me he will be there with me. Thank you Grenville.quote

Charlotte Chiswick (Reiki Practitioner)

quoteGrenville is a fantastic inspirational teacher with a passion for Reiki and healing. I did Reiki Levels 1 and 2 and would recommend these wonderful courses to everyone.quote

Kay Shenstone (Reiki Practitioner)

quoteWould recommend Grenville as he teaches pure Reiki sincerely from the heart.quote

Naila Choudhry (Reiki Practitioner)

quoteMy Reiki Level 1 course with One World Reiki was very informative and enjoyable. Learning on a 1 to 1 was great – meant that I learnt at my own pace and ask any questions as I went along. Really looking forward to doing Level 2.quote

S Carter, West Midlands

quoteI had a wonderful experience under the guidance and support of Grenville’s teachings. Reiki is a very cleansing experience for the soul. Thank you Gren for a life changing experience. quote

Sandra B, Solihull

quoteI had been wanting to learn Reiki for a long time and finally made the time to attend a course. Grenville is a great teacher and made me feel very comfortable. He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and learning Reiki Level 1 with him was fun, easy to follow and very interesting. I found learning Reiki to be an amazing experience and feel that the course has opened my eyes to a new set of tools to enhance my day to day life. quote

Lisa B (Usui Reiki Practitioner)

quoteI spent two days with Grenville, and they were two of the most unforgettable days of my life. I was going through a period of discovery in my life at the time and was new to Reiki and really knew very little about it, so was I in for a surprise!

Grenville welcomed me into his home and made me feel very welcome and at ease. Once I relaxed and overcame some shyness, I quickly became absorbed in Reiki and Grenville’s training. Grenville is a great teacher and explained the origins of Reiki, history and his lineage and which of course would become my own. He provided some great literature for me and a manual to take away and I have referred back to many times.

The energy I felt in Grenville’s presence was powerful and surprising to say the least. Grenville helped me discover the spiritual side of myself that continues to grow each day. He introduced me to meditation which along with the Reiki self-healing techniques, have become the saviours in my life, helping me through difficult times and keeping me centred, grounded and ‘on track’.

I could not of wished for a better Reiki Master and am so glad Grenville was there for me to find when my journey began. quote


quoteIt’s important when you are being taught about Reiki that you find a good and supportive teacher. Someone who is genuine and easy to approach. Somebody who also knows their stuff. With Grenville not only did he make the learning environment welcoming and informative, his teaching style comes from practical experience in the field of Reiki. Grenville is a very spiritual teacher who can help all kinds of people on their search for the spiritual development. quote

Marc, Birmingham

quoteGren is a quietly powerful healer that draws on generations of wisdom and compassion.quote

Kevin Orchard (Shoden/1st Degree Student)

quoteMy teacher and my friend. When I faced a very difficult life changing time in my life, Grenville became my bridge of light. I truly believe that Grenville was heaven sent, as in the age old saying “when the student is ready the teacher will come”, because that was exactly as it happened.

When Grenville taught me Reiki one, this beautiful universal energy transferral cocooned me and strengthened my platform, it gave me great peace and allowed me to face my issues with a more grounded and in-depth understanding.

When Grenville taught me Reiki two he showed me that nothing is ever really broken and that there is always a reason for everything.

When Grenville taught me Reiki three he helped me to see and understand both the tangible and the intangible incidents in my life.

Grenville is a true inspiration to me and many more; he blesses us all for he truly believes that he only deserves his wings if he mends the wings of others.

Grenville heart felt thanks for teaching me to fly again.

Love and light
Ann xx quote

Ann T (Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner/Master/Teacher)